Providing access to sports & activities

The Well Foundation Community Sports hub and Sports academy has been incredibly successful in providing access which is often lacking to sports and activities to children within the BME community. The collaboration with youth football teams allows integration of children from all backgrounds to enjoy sport in safe and professional environments.

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Providing access to sports & activities

The Well Foundation works with a number of organisations including Scottish Football Association, Motherwell FC, The Rangers FC and The Princes' Trust, ensuring opportunities for sport and participation are made available to everyone regardless of their background or abilities.

The Well Foundation's sports academy currently provides:

Boys football including boys sports days out

Girls tae kwon do

Girls netball

Youth and adults 7-a-side football league

11-a-side team & training

Martial arts and self defence

Adult male/female fitness classes

Men's walking club

Women's walking club

Running club

Cycling club

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Rangers FC training kit project

Well Foundation are working with Rangers FC delivering kit and training equipment, to countries in Asia and Africa, helping those communities with much needed sports equipment.

Cycle club

Walking club

Some words from our donors

All donations received with thanks!

We can't do what we do without your help.

The Well Foundation continuously show innovation and creativity in all aspects of their work. This ranges from their wide portfolio of charity reach to their excellent and relevant sports programmes

Atta Yaqoob

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Project: Well in the name of loved one

The Well Foundation made the whole process so easy and I was so impressed at how quickly all the donations actually materialised. Within a few weeks of setting up the page I could see exactly where the donations had gone.
Thank you

Safina Ahmed

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I heard about The Well Foundation and the charitable work they carry out around the world about 5 years ago. I was Particularly interested in their clean water projects and decided to contribute to one of them. I was given an accurate account of the works and provided photographs on completion. Me and my family were very impressed with the high standard of work and were kept informed of progress throughout. It is amazing that this charity and its team work thanklessly and selflessly all year around. I will always support them, their work makes a great impact and every penny goes towards the cause. A supporter for life!

Ammar Ashraf

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Having been connected to the charity for many years I have experienced the joy of the recipients of a water well flowing back to the donors and I have loved being part of that bridge. It is like experiencing a miracle. In these precious moments there is a powerful realisation that we are all human and we are all connected in our depths. Water transcends all barriers: from the depths of a well to the provision of life. The gift of water you give to others is the gift you give to yourself. Simply going a day without water quickly makes you appreciate that having clean water is a true blessing. The Well Foundation is a cause that is very close to my heart. It connects me to a purpose that is far greater and more eternal than myself and I have been able to share this gift with my family. A continuous charity where the benefit of your contribution will continue to flow. Faiza and Fahim and The Well Foundation have given me more than I could have ever imagined on this journey and they will always have my continued support. Thank you.

Farah Bradford

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