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100% of the money you donate to The Well Foundation is spent on our projects.

If you're kind enough to allow us to claim the gift aid on your donation, then, we use a small portion of those funds to pay for our fund raising activities.

If you donate £1, 100% of that £1 pound will be sent to our implementing partner (Implementing Partner is another charity who will build our wells, grow our trees etc. We can not afford buy large Well digging machines, so we use other charities that do.) The implementing partner usually take % which can vary from 0% to 12.5%, this cost is already included in the project, this usually pays for their workers on the ground who carry out the work.

Gift Aid

We use Just Giving as it keeps track of money and it is easy to claim gift aid back. If you donate £1 to any project, Just Giving take 5% but if you click the gift aid box they give us 25% back so for that £1 we get £1.20, there is also a £17 monthly charge. The £1 you donate goes to that project and the 20p goes to admin costs, Why don’t we donate that 20p also you might ask? If you donate £1 and don’t click the gift aid box then its only 95p so if someone donates £500 without clicking box its £475 we have to compensate for those costs also.

Oceanic Events

Oceanic take an Admin Fee for us to be Charity Partner, each event varies.

The Well Foundation

We don't have any paid staff, no offices we pay rent and rates for, all our members are volunteers, We still do have expenses like Flyers, Popups, Travel costs, Event costs etc, most of the money is used from WELL Foundation Business Partnerships where 15 businesses each year sponsor us for £350, thats just over £5,000 the rest of the money comes from Gift Aid.

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Donate to The Well Foundation

You can set up a standing order from your own bank account

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To make a general donation by bank transfer, simply contact your bank to arrange the funds to be transferred directly to our bank account.

Specify general fund as the payment reference and we will do the rest.
THE WELL Foundation ’s bank details are shown below.

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The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc

Bank Address:
50 Cadzow Street
01698 282868
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Account for (£) Sterling donations:
IBAN GB66RBOS83222600629281

Some words from our donors

All donations received with thanks!

We can't do what we do without your help.

The Well Foundation has achieved so much in such little time. My son has really benefited from their activities.

Nav Baqsh

Randomly generated image showing completed Well Foundation project

Having been connected to the charity for many years I have experienced the joy of the recipients of a water well flowing back to the donors and I have loved being part of that bridge. It is like experiencing a miracle. In these precious moments there is a powerful realisation that we are all human and we are all connected in our depths. Water transcends all barriers: from the depths of a well to the provision of life. The gift of water you give to others is the gift you give to yourself. Simply going a day without water quickly makes you appreciate that having clean water is a true blessing. The Well Foundation is a cause that is very close to my heart. It connects me to a purpose that is far greater and more eternal than myself and I have been able to share this gift with my family. A continuous charity where the benefit of your contribution will continue to flow. Faiza and Fahim and The Well Foundation have given me more than I could have ever imagined on this journey and they will always have my continued support. Thank you.

Farah Bradford

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The Well Foundation continuously show innovation and creativity in all aspects of their work. This ranges from their wide portfolio of charity reach to their excellent and relevant sports programmes

Atta Yaqoob

Randomly generated image showing completed Well Foundation project

I've been a supporter of The Well Foundation for many years now and can't fault the work they do. A very passionate and worthwhile charity and an absolute credit to humanity

Faiza Sharif

Randomly generated image showing completed Well Foundation project