Food Programme

Over 500m children, throughout the World, are going to sleep every night without having had a decent meal that day. With your help, The Well Foundation food programme aims to provide meals in 26 countries every 26 weeks

Food Programme

Will you help us provide meals in these 26 countries every 26 weeks?

Map of India


According to UN-India, there are nearly 195 million undernourished people in India, which is a quarter of the world's hunger burden.

Map of Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

It is estimated that there are currently over 1.5 million children who are at risk of food insecurity in Burkina Faso

Map of Togo


Nearly 1.3 million (22 percent of the population) require humanitarian assistance and over 280,000 people are at risk of falling into food insecurity. 15.2 percent of these children are at grave risk if nutrition treatments are not received.

Map of Malawi


Poverty is widespread in Malawi, with 50% of its population living under the poverty line of $2/day according to the World Bank.

Map of Ghana


Agriculture in Ghana is mostly rain-fed, with less than one percent of cultivated land being irrigated and the country is experiencing increasingly erratic rainfall with long dry periods due to climate change.

Map of Nepal


Approximately 36 percent of Nepali children under 5 are stunted, while 27 percent are underweight, and 10 percent suffer from wasting due to acute malnutrition.

Map of Cameroon


Cameroon ranks 150 out of 189 in the 2019 Human Development Index and 39 percent of its people live under the poverty line.

Map of Zanzibar


The Global Hunger Index ranked the situation as "alarming" with a score of 42 in the year 2000. Children in rural areas suffer substantially higher rates of malnutrition and chronic hunger

Map of Gambia


The Gambia’s poverty rate remains at 48 percent, while food insecurity has risen from 5 to 8 percent over the past five years.

Map of Niger


Nearly 20 percent of Niger's 18 million population cannot meet their food needs, this figure rises to nearly 30 percent during periods of poor rainfall.

Map of Mali


Poverty is on the rise, affecting 78.1 percent of people, and food insecurity levels are twice as high in families headed by women.

Map of Zimbabwe


As of 2019, 60% of Zimbabwe's population is food insecure, living in a household that is unable to obtain enough food to meet basic needs.

Map of Madagascar


About two thirds of Madagascar's population live below the poverty threshold, food supplies lack diversity and do not meet the needs of the population. A third of the population is undernourished.

Map of Chad


1.4 million people in Chad are currently being supported with emergency food aid by the World Food Programme.

Map of Ethiopia


5.2 million people in Ethiopia face a precarious food security situation.

Map of Sudan


According to the Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan 2020, 9.6 million people in Sudan required humanitarian support in 2020, including 6.2 million people who are food insecure.

Map of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka faces many socioeconomic challenges, including the impact of a nutritional ‘triple burden’ spanning undernutrition, high levels of overweight and obesity and micronutrient deficiencies.

Map of Mauritania


Mauritania faces major challenges, including food insecurity, malnutrition, gender inequality and land degradation. One in five children is chronically malnourished.

Map of Kenya


Over one third of Kenya's population lives under the international poverty line and access to adequate quantities of nutritious food remains a challenge for many.

Map of Cambodia


Undernutrition is widespread, and 32 percent of children under 5 years of age are stunted, while 10 percent suffer from wasting.

Map of Palestine


Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, nearly one third of the population (33 percent, or 1.6 million people) could not afford nutritious food. Food insecurity is high among women – particularly in the Gaza Strip, where 54 percent of families are headed by women.

Map of Nigeria


Around 110 million Nigerians, representing over 60 percent of the total population, live below the poverty line.

Map of Rohingya


Nearly 700,000 Muslims living in Rakhine State have had to flee Myanmar and seek refuge in neighbouring Bangladesh, causing a humanitarian crisis.

Map of Uganda


Inadequate diets are a root cause of persisting nutritional problems which undermine the health, growth and development of Ugandan children. Stunting affects more than one quarter – 29 percent – of children under 5

Map of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Around 5.1 million Sierra Leoneans are estimated to lack sufficient nutritious food to live a healthy life, with 789,536 of them being severely food insecure

Map of Pakistan


Almost 37 percent of Pakistan's population faces food insecurity. Primarily, this is due to limited economic access by the poorest and most vulnerable group of the population – particularly women – to an adequate and diverse diet.

Some words from our donors

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We can't do what we do without your help.

Project: Well in the name of loved one

The Well Foundation made the whole process so easy and I was so impressed at how quickly all the donations actually materialised. Within a few weeks of setting up the page I could see exactly where the donations had gone.
Thank you

Safina Ahmed

Randomly generated image showing completed Well Foundation project

I heard about The Well Foundation and the charitable work they carry out around the world about 5 years ago. I was Particularly interested in their clean water projects and decided to contribute to one of them. I was given an accurate account of the works and provided photographs on completion. Me and my family were very impressed with the high standard of work and were kept informed of progress throughout. It is amazing that this charity and its team work thanklessly and selflessly all year around. I will always support them, their work makes a great impact and every penny goes towards the cause. A supporter for life!

Ammar Ashraf

Randomly generated image showing completed Well Foundation project

The Well Foundation is an incredible charity which has allowed myself and my family to donate to excellent causes on a monthly basis. We donate knowing full well where our money is going & that the full amount is reaching the desired places. Within the past year we have managed to build wells, provide Braille Qurans and also help in building part of a mosque. This is all with the help of The Well Foundation and it's fantastic volunteers.

Hussan Ashraf

Randomly generated image showing completed Well Foundation project

I've been a supporter of The Well Foundation for many years now and can't fault the work they do. A very passionate and worthwhile charity and an absolute credit to humanity

Faiza Sharif

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