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The Invitation

the WELL Foundation is a Water Charity which has been operating in the United Kingdom for the last two years. The charity could be considered as being in its infancy however it has undertaken and completed a number of projects in Africa and Asia to aid thousands of people and supported the DEC Charities to raise funds and awareness during times of need; including the disasters in Haiti, Gazza and the floods disaster in Pakistan. Last year the charity picked up the Community Award at the Asian Business Awards for its effort and achievements.

As part of the charity's initiative to grow and increase awareness of the plight of millions of people struggling daily without clean drinking water; the charity is looking for Business Partners who are keen to raise their corporate responsibility and raise their profile.

We at the WELL Foundation offer you our kindest invitation to create an affiliation with our charity. We have layered a simple high level structure for anyone wishing to become affiliated with the WELL Foundation. We believe that any partnership created will benefit your Business and benefit the plight of many.

The Proposal

Our proposal is based around the basic costing of the benefits we can provide to you; as we are a 100% charity where all the funds raised are put towards the projects we ask that a basic minimum cost of £350 be applied to open the affiliation. We then add you to our Business Partners portfolio thus your business becomes an official charity business partner. You would ask what does this mean and why the cost? The money will be used for the cost of resources to promote your business throughout the year at our events and for published media i.e. charity pamphlets, pop up boards. Your business’s name will also be carried on our Website and Facebook pages adding greater exposure for your business throughout the year.

How will we benefit at the WELL Foundation? What we would require from your business as our responsible partners is that we have our charity logo printed on your business’s stationary depending on the nature of you business this may be advertisement posters, menus, information flyers, letters etc. We will provide you with our charity logo to be added to your media. We hope this will increase the chances of people making the effort to find out who the WELL Foundation is and more importantly become more aware of the plight of those who the charity is looking to aid.

We hope to grow the WELL Foundation over the coming years and help as many people as we can, we hope you will join us in this mission as our partners and gain the exposure which you will deserve for promoting the WELL Foundation and its work and message.

We would like to give our members and contributors over the last couple of years the first opportunity to take up the proposal and create further bonds with the charity. If you wish to be involved in what we hope is an exciting opportunity and project please contact us as soon as you are able. You can get in touch with us in a number of ways through the website by leaving at

We hope you consider this as a unique opportunity to be involved with a charity fast gaining reputation for its hard work, effort, determination and honesty and success in raising funds for the suffering across the world.

the WELL Foundation, 211B MainStreet, Bellshill, ML4 1AJ, Scotland. Charity Registration No. SC040105

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