Kharan Water & Sanitation Improvement Project

Under the proposed project, 20 hand pumps will be installed on already existing community wells to provide clean drinking water to 160 families (approximately 1120 people). In each village at least one community member will be trained in the operation and maintenance of the hand pumps so that the schemes can be maintained locally after we have completed the project. A one day workshop will be arranged to train 20 people (one from each of the targeted villages) on hygiene promotion.

The project will be sustainable because of our training commitment - people will know how to repair the hand pumps. Furthermore, communities will be linked with the supplier of hand pumps so that they can easily obtain spare parts for repairs.

Women and children are the most vulnerable members of this predominantly male-led society. Most of the development interventions entertain the male population and women and children unfortunately have not really benefited long term. Most of the women in Kharan do household work, take care of their children, and fetch water. Sometimes they do a 15 kilometres roundtrip, on foot, to fetch water!

Fetching water from open wells is neither easy nor safe for women and children. Water in these open wells is usually contaminated and drawing water from these wells is understandably a very difficult task for women and children.

A hand pump in Balochistan, Pakistan

Project Goals:

  • We aim to raise £13,000
  • We aim to install the first hand pump in November 2010 and we envisage the whole project to last for four months, with the final hand pump being installed in February 2011.
  • We hope to provide improved access to clean drinking water for 160 families in Kharan and Washuk Districts, Pakistan.

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