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We are proud to announce our First Monthly Blessing Project.

The current situation in the Gaza Strip is so difficult due to the siege and blockade on the Gaza Strip; this affected negatively the social and economical situation for thousands of families. It has affected badly all sectors of life. This situation increases the duties and responsibilities of charity organizations in the Gaza Strip, and indicates the urgent need to help poor and needy families. Because of these reasons, charity organizations started thinking about new ways to help the poor, ways that suit the current situation and the hard humanitarian situation for thousands of families.

We stated thinking about establishing a project that could be for investment and for charity purposes at the same time. This helps the organization to have a source of income that contributes in supporting and funding other charity projects, orphans sponsorships, and helping poor families, at the same time it can provide jobs for some unemployed persons.

This is the proposal, a charity kitchen for poor and the needy families. It is one of the most important charity projects that the organization tries to adapt, and tries hard to seek funding for.

We pray to Allah that you can fund this project and to support it, so that it can achieve its goals and become one of our charity and investment projects that contributes largely in helping the needy and poor families.

Charity Kitchen for Poor and Needy Families

Project Introduction

Allah's Apostle said,

"Allah said, 'O son of Adam! Spend, and I shall spend on you."

“(The righteous are those) who give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan, and the captive, [Saying], 'We feed you only for the countenance of Allah. We wish not from you reward or gratitude.'"

Project summary:

The current economical situation of thousand of Palestinian families is very hard, and this affected all the aspects of life such as social, health and psychosocial aspects. Thousand of families are now in the lists of the poor.

This is due to the siege and blockade imposed in Gaza Strip since motte than ten years, and it leads to the increase of unemployment rate. The number of unemployed persons is more than 200000 and more than 700000 person lost his income.

This increases the rate of poverty to reach 50%. Many families in Gaza became unable to get their basic food to feed their children. So this idea of the project appeared (Establishing a charity kitchen) that helps to provide the most needy families with a meal daily. The choice of those families are from the ones that don't have any source of income, and who have large number of members. The provision of the meals should take into consideration the healthy food especially for those families who have children or elderly people.

The charity kitchen will also be opened to other people who can pay to get meals, this will in covering the running costs of the kitchen.

Also, this kitchen can prepare meals for weddings and for special occasions, also some organizations ask for meals in preparing for charity project especially for Ramadan (fast breaking, seasonal project). This will help a lot in the continuity of the work of the charity kitchen.

Project objective:

  • To contribute in improving the economical situation for many poor and needy families in Gaza Strip, through providing them with daily meals.
  • Provide employment opportunities for project workers from unemployed workers.

Project Justification:

  • The bad economic and living conditions experienced by the residents of the Gaza Strip in light of the tightening of the siege imposed on it.
  • High rates of poverty and unemployment in the Gaza Strip in an unprecedented manner.
  • The Gaza Strip lacks the existence of charitable kitchens that provide this service to those who need such as the poor and the needy.
  • The region lacks kitchens that provide high-quality meals, which are indispensable products for home use, restaurants, etc.
  • The community's desire to have such projects that provide their needs. , especially for the poor families.
  • Availability of labor in this field, and the ease of training them for work on such projects.
  • Availability of raw materials significantly.
  • Increase the number of events and celebrations that require preparation of meals
  • The possibility of operating the kitchen more than one shift in case of increased demand.
  • The location of the project is in a middle area, so that residents can access easily to the kitchen.
  • The Association's need for an income source for covering part of its charitable projects.

The implementation of the project:

The project provides 200 meals for poor families daily, the average number of family members is 7 and the average cost per family per day is £5.

The charity organization will establish the charitable kitchen so that it will be operated under the supervision of a specialized committee in a manner that best suits the required needs.

The committee will provide all necessary requirements for the project from raw materials, cooking and packaging materials. The cooks are highly efficient cooks.

Several types of meals will be prepared, mainly traditional and popular foods (beans, falafel and chickpeas), these meals which will be provided daily. A meal containing rice and chicken will be provided on a weekly basis. To ensure an ideal meal with enough rice and meat, each meal is packed in a healthy dish and properly packaged to be ready for distribution. Beneficiaries will come to the charity kitchen to receive their meals at certain times to ensure that they receive hot and fresh meals.

Project budget:

  1. Project Equipment:
    Project Equipment
    Estimated cost (£) Item Quantity
    6500 Total running cost
    1000 Falafel grinder 1
    1500 Hummus (chickpeas) misc 2
    900 Refrigerator 3
    1000 Table for falafel making 4
    700 Norsta table 5
    400 Patrina for show 6
    1000 Miscellaneous tools for cooking 7
  2. Project running cost (raw materials):
    Project running cost (raw materials)
    Raw material Quantity
    £7000 Total running cost
    Chickpeas one ton
    Beans one ton
    Ground beans 0.5 ton
    Tahina 100 kilos
    Oil 150 lites
    Salt 30 kilos
    Lemon Acid
    Green pepper

Total budget of the project:

Estimated cost
£13000 Total budget of the project
£6500 Project equipment
£7000 Running costs

Please work and help as much as possible to make this charitable project work, which will serve a large segment of the people of this besieged nation. It will also be a source of income for the society, as well as finding job opportunity for number of unemployed workers, which in turn will help many poor and needy families.

In conclusion, our brothers do not forget that in every wet liver, there is a reward and thousands of the children of the Gaza Strip are in urgent need of your assistance, so remember them whenever you see your children.

We ask Allah to bless you and put this in your balance for your good deeds.

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