Oceanic Well

Oceanic Well is our latest Fundraising inititive, We will be selling bottles water to businesses all around the UK for £6.00 a case of 18 bottles with 10p from each bottle going towards installing Water Wells.

Anyone ordering a pallet (70cases)  can be delivered straight to the business, In Glasgow & Lanarkshire we have team up with MB Distributions who will deliver 5 cases or more.

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Well Foundation Fitrana Appeal

WELL Foundation Sadaqat al-Fitr (Fitrana) Appeal Fitrana, Fitrah, Sadaqah ul-Fitr or Zakat ul-Fitr are the terms used to define that money which is obligatory to be given to the needy before Eid-ul Fitr.

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Finance - Question:

Is the WELL Foundation is a 100% charity if so how does it make money for flyers, dinners etc?


If you donate £1, that one pound will be sent to our implementing partner (Implementing Partner is another charity who will build our wells, grow our trees etc as we can not afford buy large Well digging machines we will use other charities) The implementing partner usually take % which can vary from 0% to 12.5%, this cost is already included in the project, this usually pays for their workers on the ground who carry out the work.

Gift Aid, We have started to use Justgiving more and more as this keeps track of money and it is easy to claim Giftaid back. If you donate £1 to Just Giving they take 5% but if you click the gift aid box they give us 25% back so for that £1 we get £1.20, there is also a £17 monthly charge. The £1 you donate goes to that project and the 20p goes to admin costs, Why don't we donate that 20p also you might ask? If you donate £1 and don't click the gift aid box then its only 95p so if someone donates £500 without clicking box its £475 we have to compensate for those costs also.

We DO NOT GIVE BACK any Giftaid to charity partners, it is used for Livelihood projects instead.

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