Health Campaign

What is the WELL Foundation Health Campaign?

the WELL Foundation's initial aim was to provide clean safe drinking water that allowed impoverished people a chance at life. Wanting to push this ethos further the charity diversified leading to the Health Campaign to being in January 2013. The primary aim of which was to raise awareness on key issues that affects the local community to allow for the preservation of life to be continued We aspire individually and collectively to be more tomorrow than we are today. WELL Foundation Health Campaign provides an opportunity for the community to come forward and share experiences and knowledge on health related issues that can assist in making changes to lives. For example the Cancer Awareness day was a chance to network with other organizations such as MacMillan cancer support, Herbal life, Reach Pharmacy and Cancer Research UK to try and help the community understand and prevent the risks of cancer. The health campaign is to bring about awareness in the community about health related issues such as cancer, diabetes, overweight and obesity and leukaemia.

The WF Health Campaign objective is to educate people and make them aware of health concerns. Also we hope to bring new volunteers and partners into the WELL Foundation.

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this because we believe we need to play a role in the community and help educate in order to provide a platform for them to enjoy themselves and also learn how they can change their lives..

What Have we done so far?

WELL Foundation Health Campaign is a project started by the WELL Foundation in 2013. So far this year the WELL Foundation Health Campaign has done 2 Cancer Awareness Days which included personal experiences from those that have experienced cancer and we have had Professors from Beatson Institute (Dr Rizwanullah & Dr. Kevin Myant) and an Islamic prospective from Shayk Abdul Azizahmed. Real life talks from Haroon Abbas and Salma Hamid. We have fundraised for both Cancer Research UK and MacMillan Cancer Support. The cancer awareness day is learning about cancer and trying to engage with the community so that they are aware of the issue and they know where they are able to receive support from and networking and realise what is going on in the community. Aim was to raise awareness, possibly educate so that preventative measures can be taken

Race for Life: 26th May- we are running as well foundation health campaign team and about 30 girls have signed up to do the 5k and support cancer research. For more information visit still not too late to sign up, we are fundraising together and will be visiting beatson institute for a tour of their work. Over £1800 raised.

Ride against cancer This is a 22 mile cycle route planned from jhonston to kilbernie and it’s a dedicated cycle path. This is taking place on the 2nd of June. Bikes are available to hire. Money fundraised will be going towards teenage cancer trust. Over £4300 Raised

Dine for Diabetes 12th June: This is in conjunction with Diabetes UK which is a 3 course meal dinner at River palace with an exhibition on health and we have the Diabetes Research Team coming from London as well as entertainment on the night. This is a good opportunity to learn how to prevent diabetes especially with it being high in south Asians. Shayk Abdul Aziz, UK Director of Diabetes UK and Dr Jason Gill gave a great insight into Diabetes. Real life inspiring talk from Naz Purveen.

Running/Jogging Club This is for males and it starts today, every Wednesday at 7.30pm in Strathclyde park.

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Sewing Machine Centres

WELL Foundation and Saffron events raised £2450 at Off the Cat walk fashion show in May, the money went to New Livelihoods project.

32 Sewing machines were purchased and handed out to the poor in areas of India, many of the woman can now sew clothes and make a living for themselves and their families.


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The WELL foundation Livelihoods Project

Give a Man a fish he will eat for a day, Teach him to fish he will eat for a lifetime

Empowering the poor by supporting their income-generating activities.

The Income Generating Programme helps poor families to set up income generating activities based on their skills and availability of local resources. In case of lack of skills and resources the programme also helps family members by providing training to enhance their skills.

Through trained social mobilisers local resources are explored to create livelihood opportunities and generate income on a sustainable basis.

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