Sewing Machines Project

Well Foundation and Saffron events raised £2450 at Off the Cat walk fashion show in May, the money went to New Livelihoods project.

32 Sewing machines were purchased and handed out to the poor in areas of India, many of the woman can now sew clothes and make a living for themselves and their families.


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The WELL foundation Livelihoods Project

Give a Man a fish he will eat for a day, Teach him to fish he will eat for a lifetime

Empowering the poor by supporting their income-generating activities.

The Income Generating Programme helps poor families to set up income generating activities based on their skills and availability of local resources. In case of lack of skills and resources the programme also helps family members by providing training to enhance their skills.

Through trained social mobilisers local resources are explored to create livelihood opportunities and generate income on a sustainable basis.

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